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Nursing Universities Might See Spike in Attendance

Published on January 20, 2011 By Brandon The Article Writer

For nursing universities all over the country, a spike in attendance might well be expected. If the full effect of President Obama’s Affordable Care Act is instituted in 2014, then millions more Americans will be seeking healthcare. There are many pros and cons to the healthcare act that are in heated debate in Congress even […]

Longer Lives and Larger Populace: Health Science Programs Meet Needs

Published on December 14, 2010 By Brandon The Article Writer

As the global population continues to expand, the demand for healthcare professionals will continue to rise with it. Every day in the news and on the internet, new polls and studies continue to show that the demand for healthcare professionals is steadily increasing. With the focus of the federal government on healthcare and the healthcare reform by President Obama, all sectors of healthcare will see a surge in applicants and, subsequently, old and new health science programs will meet the increasing demands.